The sea is my cup of tea

Welcome to my travel and natural lifestyle blog! Here I, Iris, write for ocean minded-girls, who like to travel, create, prefer natural, eat plants and love to be close to the sea, just like me. You can expect an update on travel- and natural lifestyle from me once a week.

Curious who is writing this?
I can relate, because I’m curious as well who is reading this. I’ll start.
I am Iris, a 25-year-old Dutch girl with a hippie soul, a big heart for the wellbeing of the planet (and everyone on it) and a bad sense of humor. I am just following my dreams and doing whatever I think is right.

I am in love with the world and exploring it, so living a life of travel is a big dream come true. I also dream of one day owning a bamboo hut near the ocean with an outside shower, where I can grow my own fruits and have people over for yoga retreats, surfing, health workshops and creative therapy. Sigh.

What else? I love to eat my fruits and veggies, do yoga, express myself by writing, painting and drawing and you’ll recognize me by the long blond curls. Chances are also pretty big you’ll find me at the seaside with a surfboard under my arm.

What does travelling mean to me?
After one year of backpacking in Asia with one laptop, two surfboards, two yogamats and one cute guy that happens to be my boyfriend, we decided to explore Europe this year. In our cosy tiny roadtrip van we are currently cruising through France, Spain and Portugal in search of waves and beautiful beaches to do yoga. Even though I like to pack minimalistic, I have to say, I am super happy we have a blender with us this time! To make smoothies we connect it to the car battery (it’s hilarious but it works!) For a sneak peek in our surf roadtrip van check this post!

While travelling, it’s important to me to take it slow, get local experiences and not leave a big footprint wherever I go. Yes, I prefer mindful, eco- and sustainable travelling (whenever possible.) WWOOF and Workaway have been my best friends over the past year, because it’s such a nice way to travel with respect to the area and local people, learn more about organic living and farming, be part of a community and travel budget as well.
(In case you’re curious: the rest of my travels are funded by working a little online job while travelling, which I guess makes me a digital nomad. You can read more about that here)

No, I’m not an adventurer by nature and, yes, I do miss my mom, but what keeps me travelling is the desire to ever keep learning, exploring and growing as a person. If you can relate, this blog is for you!

What does a natural lifestyle mean to me?
I’m pretty sensitive to about everything. Which is a curse and a blessing at the same time. As a result, I had to do a lot of research, trial and error to find the optimal lifestyle for me.

I basically switched to a plant based whole foods diet, chose the Lady-Comp as my method of hormone-free birth control, learned about yoga and meditation to keep my mind healthy (sane), I don’t wear make up, only use natural products, gained a lot of knowledgde by working on eco-farms in the UK and Nepal and I can get really excited about finding a healthy juicebar while travelling or the fact my yoga pants are made out of recycled plastic bottles.

I didn’t make these changes overnight. To live and maintain this lifestyle, you have to take it one step at a time. Is my lifestye perfect now? No, of course not. Every day I’m learning more. If you are transitioning to a more natural lifestyle or you want to, it’s important to realize it is a process. So keep it fun for yourself, by taking it slowly and compromising every now and then! I am always here for advice, too.

What else do I do?
I am a yoga teacher with a 200 hours RYS certification with Yoga Alliance and I am excited to share and teach yoga. It’s a perfect fit with a natural lifestyle, because it helps to get more in touch with yourself and nature. If you are around and are interested in a yoga class, I would love to hear from you.

I finished a study in Dutch Language and Culture at Utrecht University. My love for writing has always been a part of me. I work a parttime online job as a copywriter to fund my travels. I also recently started writing for Dutch blog Moderne Hippies, which I’m really excited about. Next to this I am working as a freelance copywriter and I am always open for collaborations with companies that share the same views and ideas. So do send me a message if you have any opportunities!

Okay, your turn.
I’d love to know who is reading this and what travel- and natural lifestyle mean to you. Feel free to reply in the comments below or say hi or ask me any type of question at

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I’m impressed you made it all the way here, so lets finish with my favorite quote ♥:

Don’t let your dreams be dreams


Please note: all photos and content are created by me, unless stated otherwise, and are therefore protected by copyright. If you want to publish, use or share any of my content please contact me first.

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